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Should you give away your music for free?

By soundhbeats on Oct 19, 2017 in Music Industry - 0 Comments

Many artists face this question:Whether to give away free music or not.
I mean what’s the point? The reason you got into the music industry, was to make money right?

Don’t forget that you also paid to get your music recorded, mixed, mastered, artwork, production,etc. So if you give away free music you’re technically losing money, right?

This is a term psychologists use. What it basically says is, when someone does something nice for you, you have a sense to want to do something nice for them. If I was to give you $10 right now and you didn’t even ask for it, most likely you would want to do something nice for me down the line….

Here’s the thing though, the law of reciprocity can either make or break your brand. If you give away stuff for free, make sure it’s something that’s beneficial to that person and not cheesy. You don’t want to get a bad name.

I see many up and coming artists release music on iTunes and then complain about not getting support because people aren’t buying their music. Did you know that even promotion doesn’t guarantee you a cd sale?

Giving away a free song, EP or LP can actually be beneficial for you. If you do this correctly, you can actually gain more fans to listen to your music. Why is that? People tend to gravitate more to something that is free. Give away a song, EP, but still make sure it’s of good quality. Don’t look at it as a loss because of the money you spent, but the potential fans that you will get by doing this. If you have a high quality project, people will not only listen to it, but tell others as well to check you out. It’s the snowball effect.


  • Only give away select songs for free. Make sure they are A1
  • Ask for feedback of the song(s).
  • You want to get an email address in exchange for the free download as a way to keep in contact with your audience.

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