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Be patient…

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If something is taking long, the last thing you wanna do is get frustrated or if you get denied taking advantage of an opportunity, an opportunity that you were looking forward to, don’t stop and sulk. Regroup and try again. Greatness takes time and a lot of patience.

“Making it in the music industry” is the best example of a “slow roast” process. To make it, you gotta constantly work, improve your craft, enduring rejections and marketing yourself daily. Never get discouraged. Most of the greats didn’t become big overnight. They experienced a lot of no’s, bad reviews, bad managers, and bad deals before their names became unforgettable.

A lot of pain, sweat, blood, and tears go into every verse that we write. That’s what makes songs so lit. People can relate to what rap and sing about. The passion still finds a way to keep burning; even though

we don’t have food in the fridge nor a dollar to our name. However, the game of music will never become bankrupt. People can’t live without music. The universal language is embedded in our souls. Once it sounds good, you’re sure to see someone bangin or dancing to it.

Some of you may be thinking “I should have made it by now,” “Why aren’t I a hit yet?” There may be a lot of reasons as to why you haven’t made it in the industry yet. Your craft may probably need more work, you may not be performing enough to be seen by famous managers and/or music labels, or you maybe aren’t doing enough marketing of yourself. It takes a lot to “make it” in this music thing. Consistency and passion is key. You have to really want it.

This means sleepless nights, a lot of broke days, hungry days, crummy looks and bad hair days and a lot of haters (including family) knocking you down for going after the dream that propels you every morning. You need patience and endurance. Soft cookies won’t survive. You need to be tough and you need to be bold and confident in your craft.

One of the most awesome things about waiting on your success is gratitude. You won’t forget the hard times that you endured. You’ll be amazed by how far you came and promise yourself to never forget in order to keep it. The mysterious thing about success is it’s very hard to gain but easy to lose. Furthermore, it gets even harder to remain successful. Take your time and work smart to get where you want to be in the music industry. Anything is attainable through Jesus Christ.

Love and hope

Christina W.

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