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How To Get More Plays On Your Soundcloud Page

By soundhbeats on Nov 29, 2017 in Music Industry - 0 Comments

How To Get More Plays On Your Soundcloud Page

Written by: bencoleman1

If you love music and would like to be a musician or singer or performer over a period of time then you must know to make efficient use of the internet and the cloud platform.

Over the years Soundcloud has become the world’s leading social sound platform. It is a platform where everybody can listen to sounds and music or even create something of their own.

It also is possible to share them everywhere and anywhere in the world. Hence, the task of being a creator is quite easy. All that you have to do is to record your favorite sound or songs and share them on a public platform or to specific friends and others in a private environment. It could also be posted on social media sites, blogs and other sites.

How To Make The Most Out Of It
You may not have too much of problems as singers or performers as far as recording and sharing of performance of sounds, songs and numbers are concerned. It is however important that you are able to reach out to as many listeners as possible if you wish to graduate to the next higher level as a musician. Hence your objective must be to get more plays as far as your soundcloud music page is concerned. Here are a few proven tips and ways by which this might be possible:

1. Try And Upload Free Giveaway Tracks
Whether you are aspiring to become one of the best rappers or some other form of musician, you have to understand the importance of free giveaway tracks. Those who use cloud platforms like Soundcloud love free downloads. If you have a number which you believe is of good quality, you can offer a free downloadable link on this platform. This will help you to reach many numbers of people quite easily.

2. The Fascinating World Of Mixes
It would not be a bad idea to think of regular podcast series. You could record DJ mixes on your own or engage some music companies and producers to do the job for you.

3. Tagging Is Important
Your music number must be tagged under the right genre and when going in for mixing you also must be sure that the right tags are used in terms of label name, artist name and so on. You also should not forget the importance of submitting your works to groups on Soundcloud. It has the largest collection of groups and being preset there certainly could make a big difference.

4. Sharing Is Bloodline
The more you share your numbers and recordings, the better are the chances that you will reach a wide cross section of listeners. You must find out ways and means by which you can make effective use of social media sites like Facebook, Facebook groups, YouTube, Twitter, Tumbler and so on. You also should try and get your music blogs connected to Ebows, Hype Machine, Shuffler, etc. Your objective must be to reach out as many dozens of listeners and music lovers as you possibly can. Towards this objective, there is no doubt that Soundcloud certainly has a pivotal role to play especially if you are a budding artist.

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