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Getting PAID: Performance Royalties

By soundhbeats on Dec 20, 2016 in Music Publishing - 0 Comments

Good day family! Today I wanted to do a little discussion on performance royalties. Some of you may or may not know what this is, but as an artist this is one way of getting paid for your work. There are different types of royalties, but today I’m going to talk about Performance Royalties.

What is a performance royalty?

A performance royalty is simply you getting paid every time your song is performed. TV, Film,live performances, elevator, & Radio. A PRO (Performance Rights Organization), collects performance royalties for their affiliated writers and publishers. If you aren’t affiliated with a PRO, please check out this article.

Think of it like this….If you are an artist or producer and you have a song circulating on the radio, that is considered a performance and you will receive a percentage of your song depending on how long it aired. The same goes for TV & film. Don’t miss out on registering your songs with your PRO!!

Once your song(s) is registered, you are good to go.

Hope this post helps you, and feel free to comment/share.

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