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Instagram for Music Artists: Get More Followers

Written by: willydom2

Many people have various reasons why they would want to have followers and likes for the photos that they will be posting into a free photo-sharing application, Instagram. Some people say that they just wanted to promote the images they have captured, some would like to share where they have been, some would like to test the photo effects of the application, and some use Instagram for business. Whatever the reasons they have, this application is known to be popular and meeting their objectives is nearly possible.

Here are the basic things you can do to be successful in getting more followers and likes for your Instagram photos:
1) Make the subject of your photos interesting. Everybody would be generous of his or her one-click like if the Instagram image you posted is worth the click.
2) Be creative in the photo effects that you will use. Surely, your post will be much more attractive if a liker would be mesmerized by your images.
3) Take advantage of the social networking site. You can always promote your photos on your Facebook wall so that your friends and family would have a better view of your images.
4) Do not forget to tag your close friends and make your photo public so that even the friends of your friends can view your images. In this way, your photos would appear on their walls and be exposed to a much larger number of potential likes.
5) Other than Facebook, you can also use other social networking sites. You can post a link on Twitter, Plurk, Pinterest, and other networks even to your website or blog if you have one.

Like artists, numerous DJs consider advantage of possessing enthusiast interactions via social media and enjoy the consideration when they get it. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram. Shot them out and you will enhance your prospect to get the favor in return. It is still enterprise, and organization is all about the partnership.

Radio Edits.
If the DJ is not functioning in a bar, club, or house social gathering you possibly require to have a clear or radio edited model. Offering them the alternative will produce the best outcomes.
As of now, Instagram has fourteen to fifteen million clients, and it among the least complex applications that can present pictures straightforwardly on your most loved long range informal communication destinations like Twitter and Facebook and online music advancement start.

Ask yourself the following questions:
Who are the perpetual Instagrams’ clients of capacity to offer online music collections and pick up fans?
Techniques to do music promotion online on Instagram
1. Artist/band name
This is the most importance. Avoid being crazy cryptic little to say flamboyant just keep it simple. If you need your fans to discover you and follow you effortlessly. Searching for you and discovering try not to be a fortune chase.

2.Make Photos Interesting
Think of a photograph arrangement; Look for the subject and select it to star in your photos like it’s a story.

3.Use Hashtags
These days it can be a troublesome world to live if you don’t know how to utilize hashtags. The words after each finish of a post can enable you to keep up your online nearness. A hashtag of #bandname could give your fans a chance to click said the word and found an assortment of boundless photographs, which makes a satisfying their hunger to see you. So in each post, keep in mind hashtags.

You need to do something new every time and not lose a single opportunity to socialize with people. You can do this by visiting pages of other members and by rating their photos. You also invite other members to rate your photos, especially the new photos. You should upload interesting photos for others to see. You should comment positively on others photo and use symbols like emoticons freely and judiciously to make a statement.
When you shower heap of praises on others, rest assured that the good will return to you and such praises will find a place in comments to your photos. You also create a bonding with others and these results in exchanging views, thoughts, sharing interests, and you become part of Real Instagram followers.
So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera or smartphone and take amazing photos, upload them and tag them and increase your fans and followers.

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How To Get More Plays On Your Soundcloud Page

How To Get More Plays On Your Soundcloud Page

Written by: bencoleman1

If you love music and would like to be a musician or singer or performer over a period of time then you must know to make efficient use of the internet and the cloud platform.

Over the years Soundcloud has become the world’s leading social sound platform. It is a platform where everybody can listen to sounds and music or even create something of their own.

It also is possible to share them everywhere and anywhere in the world. Hence, the task of being a creator is quite easy. All that you have to do is to record your favorite sound or songs and share them on a public platform or to specific friends and others in a private environment. It could also be posted on social media sites, blogs and other sites.

How To Make The Most Out Of It
You may not have too much of problems as singers or performers as far as recording and sharing of performance of sounds, songs and numbers are concerned. It is however important that you are able to reach out to as many listeners as possible if you wish to graduate to the next higher level as a musician. Hence your objective must be to get more plays as far as your soundcloud music page is concerned. Here are a few proven tips and ways by which this might be possible:

1. Try And Upload Free Giveaway Tracks
Whether you are aspiring to become one of the best rappers or some other form of musician, you have to understand the importance of free giveaway tracks. Those who use cloud platforms like Soundcloud love free downloads. If you have a number which you believe is of good quality, you can offer a free downloadable link on this platform. This will help you to reach many numbers of people quite easily.

2. The Fascinating World Of Mixes
It would not be a bad idea to think of regular podcast series. You could record DJ mixes on your own or engage some music companies and producers to do the job for you.

3. Tagging Is Important
Your music number must be tagged under the right genre and when going in for mixing you also must be sure that the right tags are used in terms of label name, artist name and so on. You also should not forget the importance of submitting your works to groups on Soundcloud. It has the largest collection of groups and being preset there certainly could make a big difference.

4. Sharing Is Bloodline
The more you share your numbers and recordings, the better are the chances that you will reach a wide cross section of listeners. You must find out ways and means by which you can make effective use of social media sites like Facebook, Facebook groups, YouTube, Twitter, Tumbler and so on. You also should try and get your music blogs connected to Ebows, Hype Machine, Shuffler, etc. Your objective must be to reach out as many dozens of listeners and music lovers as you possibly can. Towards this objective, there is no doubt that Soundcloud certainly has a pivotal role to play especially if you are a budding artist.

<<Click here for our SoundCloud page<<

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Why You Should Consider Releasing A Mixtape

Why You Should Consider Releasing A Mixtape

Written by: tajmenz

If you’re an aspiring musician, you may be considering whether to produce a mixtape or an album, in order to promote your music. If you’re having difficulty deciding between the two, simply continue reading to discover the unique benefits of opting to release a mixtape, before releasing an album.

Reasons for releasing a mixtape
1. As mix tapes are typically free, they are great way of expanding your fan base
If you’re a relatively new artist who is looking to create a name for yourself, it’s definitely worth releasing a mixtape as potential new listeners have nothing to lose by listening to your music. Whereas individuals are far less likely to purchase an album, released by an artist that they know little about.
2. Releasing a mixtape can convince listeners to pay for your music, in the future
If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to make a decent living by giving away free music, think again! If you gain fans by producing a free mixtape, you’ll have more chances of booking high paid gigs and increasing your ticket sales, to your concerts.
If you release a free mixtape, which gives your listeners a taste of an upcoming album, you’ll be likely to convert your new listeners into paying fans. Who will be willing to support your new album.
Remember that selling albums, is not the only way to make a living as an artist. Even chart topping artists who have a slew of Grammys and MTV music awards, use alternate methods of making money, such as selling merchandise. As in today’s digital age, it’s easy for pirates to illegally distribute or stream an artist’s brand new music.
3. A mixtape can showcase what makes your music unique
Releasing a mixtape is a unique opportunity to show a potential new audience, what makes your music unique. Mixtapes help rappers and singers, establish their unique sound.
4. A mixtape is easier to produce than a full album
Typically a mixtape will feature up to 10 tracks. Whilst a typical studio album will feature 12 tracks. It’s also common for mix tapes to feature original tracks as well as remixes, which means that you only need to produce a couple of chart topping hits, to create a mix tape. Whereas, if you were to produce a full studio album, you’d have to produce 12 unique tracks.
So if you’re looking to save money by producing fewer tracks, it’s well worth producing a mixtape. Especially, as booking studio time in a professional music studio, can be a huge expense to budget for.
As an added benefit, if your mixtape only contains a couple of tracks, new listeners are more likely to listen to your tracks on repeat.
5. If you’re an aspiring rapper it’s far easier to release your first mixtape
If you dream of becoming the next Jay Z or Kanye West, you may want to release a mixtape which features you rapping over someone else’s instrumental. Just ensure that you have the permission to feature the instrumentals you choose on your mixtape and to pay all royalties, which you may be obliged to pay. If you’re looking to release your first mixtape, you may want to cut costs by choosing royalty free instrumentals that are in the public domain. However, if you’re a more established artist, it’s definitely worth producing your own backing tracks.
6. Mixtapes are a great way to ensure that you stay relevant between releasing albums
One way to create hype surrounding your career, is to ensure that your fans don’t forget about your music. As it’s impossible to constantly release album after album, you may want to consider periodically producing mixtapes between your album releases, in order to ensure that you don’t lose fans.
7. It’s easy to distribute mixtapes
Why not consider distributing free mixtapes at your gigs as a way of increasing your fan base? If you book gigs on a regular basis, giving away mixtapes is a sure fire way to increase the buzz surrounding your music.
So if you’re an aspiring singer or rapper, it’s well worth releasing a mix tape, before releasing a full album. As you’ll be able to significantly increase your fan base without spending a small fortune on studio time.

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That moment when you get your first placement…


Sound H & Rapper Skillz

I wanted to share this story with you that I hope will inspire you on your musical journey.

I landed my first placement as a music producer back in 2009 with Rapper Skillz. I just started making music seriously for about a year, but hard work definitely pays off. Whoever works the hardest in life, is going to win. Point blank!

I still remember this night as if it happened yesterday.

Skillz arrived at the studio around 11pm that night. We were all just talking and I remember my boy asked him who was going to produce his yearly Rap up for 2009. He mentioned to us that he reached out to production team Justice League and producer Kwame. If you’re not familiar with these hip hop producers, definitely do your research! My first thought honestly was like dang, we can’t compete with them. Keep in mind we were still fairly new to the music scene.

Right Place, Right Time
Even though Skillz had other producers working on beats for him, we wanted to take advantage too. You never want to let an opportunity pass you by. I mean he was right there in the studio with us lol. We knocked out 3 hip hop beats that night. Dead on the spot, hip hop bangers. The cool thing was, Skillz was right there, so he was able to vibe to them on the spot and tell us what he wanted. I remember him really liking 2 of the 3, and guess what? He used one of the instrumentals for his rap up beat.

I was so hype when I found out we landed our first placement. A few days later the song was played all across the nation, literally. That is why it is pivotal that you have your music publishing set up. So you can get paid from your music!

I pray this post helps inspire you. Whether you are a music artist, producer, manager, etc, work on building good relationships. Trust me, they will go further than you can even imagine.

Trust the process, don’t rush the process.
Ray the Baker

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Our Top 10 Beats of 2017


As this year draws to a close, we wanted to share with you some of our most popular instrumentals of the year.

We had to narrow it down to 10 of our most played/purchased beats of 2017.

Check out the list below!

<<Sound H Top 10 Beats of 2017<<

Be sure to let us know which beat is your favorite off the list? Email us here

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That One Time When I Met & Worked with DJ Jazzy Jeff

This was a crazy, surreal day for me that I  wanted to share with you.

One of the first Independent artists I worked with in my career, was Skillz fka Mad Skillz. He’s well known in the hip hop community for his  yearly wrap ups, but on top of that, he’s a ghostwriter  who’s written for Nicki  Minaj, P Diddy & Will Smith to  name a few.

Skillz & Sound H became real close. We spent many hours in the studio working on music, but we also broke bread together. By the way, he tells the best stories! S/O to the homie Skillz.

So back in 2009, I was fresh off tour in Italy for 2 months (Sister Act play). Skills hit me up and asked me if I wanted to ride up to Delaware for a session at Jazzy Jeff’s crib. I hesitated at first, but I definitely said yes. This was an opportunity that I know I couldn’t let pass me by. So the next day Skillz, myself & another songwriter from the area drove up to Delaware to Jeff’s crib. I still remember us getting to his house and I was amazed.

I grew up watching Fresh Prince, so meeting Jeff in person was mad dope! 

We walked in his house, and went down to his basement where his studio was located. The first thing I saw that caught my eye, was his grammies on his wall. Skillz saw me amazed & told me I could & would get the same thing if I worked hard at it. I still have those words in my mind even to this day!

Everyday I’m Motivated!

We worked the whole day in the studio, stayed overnight, worked a little the next morning then headed back down to Richmond, Va. God is good and that experience only happened because of a great relationship. The music industry is built on having good relationships with people. That’s why some people succeed and some don’t. It’s so much more than music, so always treat people good & network as much as possible.

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How Did I Get Here?

I couldn’t have been more than 9 or 10 years old when my passion for music and the piano started. My mom plays the piano as well, and taught me three chords. I’ll never forget that. I would literally come home from middle school and play gospel albums for hours daily trying to figure out what the keyboard player was playing. I wouldn’t stop until I would learn the chord.

I wasn’t really focused on how complex the song was, but I was focused on learning how to play it. And I wasn’t going to stop until I figured it out. That was my drive & motivation!

After graduating high school, I went to a junior college for Computer Networking. I took about 2 or 3 classes a semester, but in the process was playing for various groups in the Richmond, Va area. After about 2 years I realized that I truly wanted to pursue music full time. I mean why waste my parent’s hard earned money on something that I wasn’t interested in? The cool thing is, once I told them, they supported my decision.

It definitely wasn’t easy, but I knew what I wanted and went after it. I started Sound H Beats in August of 2009 & I’ll never forget the reason why…

In December of 2007, I was in the studio with my fam Lee Major kid (2x grammy nominated producer). His career just launched with him producing Young Jeezy’s single “Vacation” as well as “Ride” for Ace Hood ft. Trey Songz. So we’re in the studio and he’s playing some bangers that he was working on. I had my flash drive on me, so he asked me to play some beats. One of the instrumentals that I played for him, was this urban rock track. Live guitars with heavy rock drums. He listened and told me that I should start a production company. The funny thing was, I was already thinking that, so that was just confirmation for me!

Listen, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. But as a serious music artist, you have to be willing to grind hard and sacrifice to reach your goals.

I’ve worked with small artists all the way up to artists such as Amerie, No Malice, The Inkredibles, & Skillz to name a few.  I know all my hard work will be worthwhile when people like you hear my music and fall in love with something I’ve spent a lot of time to perfect. I hope my music can impact your life positively.

<<Click here to listen to our instrumentals>>

To make professional music, it takes WORK! I’ve spent many hours locked in the studio working on beats and not focused on being bothered. I had to learn engineering, mixing, but most importantly marketing.

What good is having music if you don’t know how to reach people to listen to it?

Thank you for listening and enabling my dream to become a reality.

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4 ways to promote your music on Facebook

Believe it or not, social media is essential for the music artist. Nowadays, the majority of artists are plugged into a social network to connect with their fans. Sadly, many artists don’t know what to put on social media to engage their fans. If you haven’t already, create a fan page in Facebook. This page will be used to promote your music.

  1. Make it personal 
    All your posts shouldn’t be music related it believe it or not. Shoot some video clips of you in everyday life.. It may be you driving in a car, walking outside, etc, but make it personal. Videos are a great way to engage your audience. Towards the end of the video you might even say something like, “Listen to this new song I just finished, the link is in my bio.” Being relatable will have more people listening to you.
  2. Start using Memes
    A meme is a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users (dictionary). A good site for searching for memes is You can also make your own memes. Find a image or video that you like, add some catchy text, and post it. Make sure to add a tag to your page in the image so that when the photo gets shared, people will know who created it.
  3. Ask people to listen to your music
    Simple, but it works. Most fans won’t even listen to your music unless you tell them too. Make it exciting! Don’t just say Listen to my music, but give them a reason why they should. You got to think about it like this: There are hundreds of thousands of artists trying to do the same thing that you are doing, so you must stand out!
  4. Facebook Ads
    I will be breaking down Facebook ads more in detail in the near future, but Facebook ads are definitely recommended for promoting your music. Note: You should only use Facebook ads when you’re ready. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can easily lose money on your ad.

When promoting your music, make sure you don’t spam other people’s pages. This can really hurt you as an artist and is mad disrespectful.

Be sure to like & share this post.

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Be patient…


If something is taking long, the last thing you wanna do is get frustrated or if you get denied taking advantage of an opportunity, an opportunity that you were looking forward to, don’t stop and sulk. Regroup and try again. Greatness takes time and a lot of patience.

“Making it in the music industry” is the best example of a “slow roast” process. To make it, you gotta constantly work, improve your craft, enduring rejections and marketing yourself daily. Never get discouraged. Most of the greats didn’t become big overnight. They experienced a lot of no’s, bad reviews, bad managers, and bad deals before their names became unforgettable.

A lot of pain, sweat, blood, and tears go into every verse that we write. That’s what makes songs so lit. People can relate to what rap and sing about. The passion still finds a way to keep burning; even though

we don’t have food in the fridge nor a dollar to our name. However, the game of music will never become bankrupt. People can’t live without music. The universal language is embedded in our souls. Once it sounds good, you’re sure to see someone bangin or dancing to it.

Some of you may be thinking “I should have made it by now,” “Why aren’t I a hit yet?” There may be a lot of reasons as to why you haven’t made it in the industry yet. Your craft may probably need more work, you may not be performing enough to be seen by famous managers and/or music labels, or you maybe aren’t doing enough marketing of yourself. It takes a lot to “make it” in this music thing. Consistency and passion is key. You have to really want it.

This means sleepless nights, a lot of broke days, hungry days, crummy looks and bad hair days and a lot of haters (including family) knocking you down for going after the dream that propels you every morning. You need patience and endurance. Soft cookies won’t survive. You need to be tough and you need to be bold and confident in your craft.

One of the most awesome things about waiting on your success is gratitude. You won’t forget the hard times that you endured. You’ll be amazed by how far you came and promise yourself to never forget in order to keep it. The mysterious thing about success is it’s very hard to gain but easy to lose. Furthermore, it gets even harder to remain successful. Take your time and work smart to get where you want to be in the music industry. Anything is attainable through Jesus Christ.

Love and hope

Christina W.

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How to Buy Beats


Here is a short video of how to buy beats from our site.

Please see below:


Click here to purchase beats from our store >>>

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