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4 ways to promote your music on Facebook

By soundhbeats on Nov 06, 2017 in Social Media - 0 Comments

Believe it or not, social media is essential for the music artist. Nowadays, the majority of artists are plugged into a social network to connect with their fans. Sadly, many artists don’t know what to put on social media to engage their fans. If you haven’t already, create a fan page in Facebook. This page will be used to promote your music.

  1. Make it personal 
    All your posts shouldn’t be music related it believe it or not. Shoot some video clips of you in everyday life.. It may be you driving in a car, walking outside, etc, but make it personal. Videos are a great way to engage your audience. Towards the end of the video you might even say something like, “Listen to this new song I just finished, the link is in my bio.” Being relatable will have more people listening to you.
  2. Start using Memes
    A meme is a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users (dictionary). A good site for searching for memes is memes.com. You can also make your own memes. Find a image or video that you like, add some catchy text, and post it. Make sure to add a tag to your page in the image so that when the photo gets shared, people will know who created it.
  3. Ask people to listen to your music
    Simple, but it works. Most fans won’t even listen to your music unless you tell them too. Make it exciting! Don’t just say Listen to my music, but give them a reason why they should. You got to think about it like this: There are hundreds of thousands of artists trying to do the same thing that you are doing, so you must stand out!
  4. Facebook Ads
    I will be breaking down Facebook ads more in detail in the near future, but Facebook ads are definitely recommended for promoting your music. Note: You should only use Facebook ads when you’re ready. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can easily lose money on your ad.

When promoting your music, make sure you don’t spam other people’s pages. This can really hurt you as an artist and is mad disrespectful.

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